Kindness :)

So, I know this is a weird thing to be the first thing I post about on my blog but I have been thinking about it a lot recently and just want to share my thoughts with whoever might be reading this.

So if you think about it there was such a low chance of YOU being put on this planet. Like seriously think about it. All of your parents and grandparents and great grandparents and great great… ( you get where i’m going) all happened to end up together which just happened to make you. Like if ANYONE in that line decided that their ex was better or that they would rather live with 20 cats, you wouldn’t be here. However, all the choices your family made ended up with you being here today. Isn’t that crazy to think about? So really we are incredibly lucky to be here because if any of them had changed that, we wouldn’t be.

However, we never think about that. We are just constantly thinking about all the negative things in life which in the end don’t really matter. Everyone is always so negative and horrible to each other when in reality we should be happy for each other. We should appreciate each other more and be thankful that they are in our life because there was a low chance that they could have been here but here they are with you so appreciate them.

I really think that people need to start being kind to one another. The world is so full of negativity because everyone is complaining and negative all the time. But if we were all kind to one another, we would all feel a lot happier. Doesn’t it feel great when someone does a simple act of kindness like holding a door for you? It makes you feel so happy and therefore you do a kind thing for someone else ( sometimes without even realising it)

The other day, I was on a bus and there was a child who was crying and screaming and you could see people on the bus were starting to get frustrated. Many drivers would just ignore it or they might even ask the person with the child to get off however this one bus driver pulled over at a bus stop and asked the child if he would like a biscuit. He was so lovely with the child and then asked him to sing a song for him. The child then cheered up and then everyone else on the bus was a lot happier. Simple acts of kindness like that not only affect one person but the whole bus. The lady then said thanks but didn’t seem very thankful and no one else on the bus seemed to appreciate what he did even though no one ever really acts like that so i was going to say something but didn’t have the nerve so say it so i wrote a note instead thanking him and saying that the world needs more people like him. I was so scared and ran off the bus as fast i could haha. But people like that need to be appreciated more and so hopefully that note made him realise what he did was nice and people do appreciate it and hopefully it might have given him the confidence to do more like that.

see, one act of kindness leads to another and so if we all did one simple act of kindness, we would be one step closer to a happier world.

I challenge you, whoever you are reading this to do one simple act of kindness this week, even if its to a family member, just do it. I promise you, you will feel so great afterwards, Ellie Letter x ♡

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