Do you ever feel like the world is plotting against you?

Sometimes I swear the world is literally plotting against me. Like I try to be the best person I can be but it will do everything it can to make my life hell. I always have to face really hard problems like one decision or another and there is normally one that I really want to choose, however there are consequences if I don’t pick the other.

what makes me think that the world is plotting against me is that they two problems are such a coincidence to be at the same time that there must be someone behind it surely. whether i’ts some mythical character or Michael from the good place, whoever they are, they really don’t like me and want me to suffer. But what I have done wrong, I do not know.

For example; Every weekend I can never normally see my boyfriend as I work Saturdays and he visits his dad on Sundays and so because he is never normally free on Sundays I don’t really do much. So my work asked me to work on Sunday for really long hours and I would have said no but I don’t normally get up to much on a Sunday anyway and also its extra money so I agreed to it. Bearing in mind by boyfriend has been doing exam stuff so we haven’t met for a while so I would jump at any chance I get to see him and what happens? for the first time in forever he isn’t seeing his dad this week and is all home alone and has asked if I want to see him. WHY! Why does stuff like this always happen to me? Does this happen to anyone else or am i just prone to bad luck?

Obviously I want to see him but there will be consequences if I don’t go to work so we started making a plan about how i could have an emergency dental appointment but then i remembered dentists aren’t usually open on Sundays and that just makes this so complicated so now i have to go to work thinking about how i could have seen my boyfriend if I hadn’t agreed to working. WHY? out of all the weeks my boyfriend can’t meet, the one he can i choose to work. Someone out there somewhere is plotting against me i’m sure of it.

someone please tell me i’m not the only one with really bad luck. Cause its really not fun. If whoever the magical genie who is making my life hell is reading this, please stop, would be greatly appreciated thanks! Ellie Letter x

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